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Open the Door: Doors on Our Jewish Identity

  Is it a professional hazard, or personal interest, or a bit of both? I am not sure. However, I watch a lot of Jewish YouTube videos. People send them to me in emails and messages, they are found in…

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The Kotel Decision: The Parties at the Table

  I remember going to visit Judy Chicago’s art installation “The Dinner Party” long ago at the Brooklyn Museum. This iconic feminist art piece sits in a mood-lit room, in the middle a triangular table upon which are 39 place…

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The Haggadah as Metaphor

As Passover approaches, our minds turn to the Haggadah, the book of “retelling” our people’s mythical history, our experience of when we were slaves in Egypt. The Haggadah tells of our enslavement 400 years from the time of Joseph, the…

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We Are All Jews By Choice

Sermon Theme for 5775 – Jewish Identity Rosh HaShanah Morning Sermon When I first came to the United States as a student twenty five years ago, I arrived as an Australian seeking an American rabbinical education. Throughout my years at…

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Finding Jewish Treasure

Sermon Theme for 5775 – Jewish Identity Rosh HaShanah Evening Sermon Who here would like to find a treasure? Once a man named Avram lived with his wife and children in Crakow, and dreamt of finding a treasure. One night…

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